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    Corporate and real estate investors often have diversified portfolio of assets for investment and the need to maximize returns. These assets might have periodical returns or paid capital. Besides selling and buying properties to maximize earnings from transactions on appreciated property for investment.

    ERA can make better use of these investments by the Portfolio Management Service.

    ERA studies the market and receive market updates frequently for a deep understanding of market conditions, trends, and opportunities.

    ERA geographical coverage offers unlimited investment opportunity types for either disposing or purchasing assets.

    ERA studies the projected market demand, the effect of policies and regulations on the market, and subject property for disposal or purchase, in terms of location, population, supply and demand, to be able to make a decision about the investment opportunity and/or provide its closest alternatives in the market.

    ERA’s experienced and professional Portfolio Management Team covers most of the district and are knowledgeable of different asset types and nature as well as potential clients’ types.

    ERA’s investors database allows the rapid transactions whether the client wants to invest in a new property or has a need to dispose assets.

    ERA offers:

    • The management of a complete Asset/Portfolio Management supplying good investment opportunities when/if needed or the best available deal to sell an asset.
    • The draft of a real estate asset strategy and its execution plan.
    • Ensure the best usage of capital with calculated low risk ROIs.
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