ERA Egypt offers its integrated and comprehensive Research and Development service lines based on market insights from ERA’s perspective, feedback on the supply and demand, as well as define the market gaps. In addition to Market Analysis of different business to define the right opportunities. Determine the market competition and market needs. This is to define the market direction, and the best investment opportunity on the short and long terms.
Research and Development team depends on updated information available at ERA as well as past experience. Further, ERA’s consultants that cover most of the Egyptian governorate.

As Neil Armstrong put it “Research is creating new knowledge.”

Knowledge is power, every business may have the same questions but not all have the same answers, that is the role of Market Research.

Market Research finds the answers to make a business decision, whether it is a product development, competition, areas of development, identifying potential threats and opportunities, strategic planning, crisis management, identifying market trends, customers’ needs, opportunities, and more.

A Market Research should be conducted in an unbiased manner in order to maximize its benefits. Hence, it is more credible to conducted it through a third party rather than in-house.

ERA’s Center of Research and Competitive Intelligence’ Research Team offers a fresh unbiased above view of the business, allowing decision makers to take more informed decisions to minimize cost of risk and losses and help business reinforce their market position.

Feasibility Study transfer your business idea into a project. It helps studying, measuring, and anticipating each detail and outcome of new projects. The development of a new project starts with a lot of uncertainty of how it will start and how it will end.

Conducting a feasibility study reduces the risk of loss, develop a solid project plan, makes the project implementation more organized and easier, as well as allow the easy monitoring and quality control of the project.

ERA’s Center of Research and Competitive Intelligence’ Research Team offers the opportunity to project your earnings and know ahead your legal and technical requirements and procedures for a more smooth development of projects and businesses.

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ERA’s Technical Consultancy services offers a full turnkey project managed service from Studies and Master Planning through Construction Management and Supervision for various types of installations, commissioned to the highest standard. Through research and problem-solving, the scope of work is defined and assessed to be designed and identify solutions for the functional and operational requirements of the project.

Technical Consultancy services bring extensive experience and understanding of technology and solutions to the due diligence process, providing clients with unparalleled analysis and insight, to help with risk assessment by conducting a detailed review of all technical aspects of the project. Technical due diligence particularly consists of a review of the actual buildings technical state including a cost estimation of identified defects and designs of their removal.

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ERA’s Financial Consultancy service completes the set of services offered by ERA’s Center of Research and Competitive Intelligence. ERA takes any development projects’ idea and turn it into reality and back this with accurate figures that take into consideration minimizing the cost of risk and maximizing profit.

ERA’s Financial Consultancy Department offers:

  • Financial Studies check the project viability in terms of financials and business model.
  • ERA highly experienced project finance expert carefully assess your project proposal to deliver the information that investors need to base their decision on. As a trusted independent third party ERA can assist in an unbiased behavior for the best interest of the project.
  • ERA spare its partners the lengthy process, waste of valuable time and effort as its financial expert will simplify and shorten the process.

Services provided:

  • Determine the project’s viability and if any conditions need to be met before investment.
  • Gain accurate information of  potential projects based on a thorough review of specifications, licenses, permits, location, site visits, and economic analysis.
  • Implement complete financial plan to provide feasibility study.
  • Assess risk accurately through careful analysis.

Tenant Representation or Tenant Mix requires an intensive commercial property experience along with local knowledge of brands with their segmentation and traffic analysis.

ERA has a tenants’ database categorized according to specific details relevant to each shopping center or commercial mall such as: Segmentation type, location coverage, expansion plan, etc.

ERA has conducted many foot traffic analyses for most of the prominent commercial malls in Greater Cairo in order to spot areas of development and detect popular trends.

Tenant mix is essential for every successful mall to create a synergy and effective mobilization for visitors for the all areas.

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