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Administrative Capital Administrative Capital


Nestled in New Capital’s downtown, Point 9 a landmark for business excellence compromising of admin, commercial and medical spaces.

” Point 9 encompasses fully finished office spaces designed with a futuristic mind-set, where businesses and entrepreneurs thrive to plan, innovate and prosper. “

Nestled in New Capital’s beating commercial and trading area, Point 9 is carefully situated in Down Town area directly in front of Al-Masa Hotel, next to the central Monorail station, and near the governmental district. The location is carefully chosen to provide its owners and practitioners an easy commute to Cairo’s most prominent hubs. Moreover, it offers its investors an attractive location for profitable investment.

Workplaces are not just a desk and chair, rather the place where you spend most of your day, a place where you succeed and develop. That’s why Point 9 is designed around people, lifestyle, dreams, aspirations and success. With its relaxable payment plan and its prominent proximity to the New Capital’s out & about including Masa Hotel and Government District, Point 9 promises an unprecedented location making it a source of both your inspirations and aspirations.


  • 0% down payment + 5 years equal installments.
  • 10% down payment + 8 years equal installments.
  • 20% down payment + 12 years equal installments.
  • 30% downpayment + equal installments over 15 years (for commercial units only).

About Mountain View

Mountain View is a leading Egyptian private property development company, specializing in prestigious residential and resort communities in the country’s prime destinations.
The company’s clients are local & international property buyers who demand quality, privileged lifestyles, privacy, security and exceptional investment returns. From choosing the best locations, commissioning innovative architects and interior designers, and using reliable contractors and consultants, we are able to provide value and a community to be proud to belong to.

Inspired by family’s history and experience as Real Estate Professionals, Land Developers, Builders, and Contractors, Capital Hills Development Corp. was created. The Capital Hills motto is “…from concept to completion”. That’s right, no matter how big or small your project is we will provide you with a “one stop shop!” The Capital Hills team is ready to assist you in developing, building, remodeling, home additions, selling, marketing, financing and more.

Public Facilities

Health Center: Yes

Food Court Area: Yes

Theater: Yes

Garage: Yes

Solar System: Yes

Central Air-conditioning: Yes

Firefighting System: Yes

Sound System: Yes

Power System: Yes

Spa & Gym: Yes

Security system: Yes

Landscape: Yes

Elevators: Yes

Surveillance Cameras: :Yes

Central Shower: :Yes

Double Glazed Exterior: :Yes

Modern and Luxurious Interior Design: :Yes

2 Entrance: :Yes

Super Lux Finishing Offices: :Yes


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