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In partnership with IBM, Badyã offers smart units with a one-of-a-kind smart technology systems that offers facial recognition technology, city surveillance for safer streets and secured neighborhoods, tracking devices for children, healthy monitoring advancements will ensure you are up to date in the know 24/7, waste management, Predictive Maintenance Solutions Network, Micro-sensors will be fitted to detect air pollutants, noise levels, environmental consciousness, heat and humidity readings, intelligent lightening will allow to cellular cooling technology and optimized brightness based by distance, video monitoring for home, vehicle and pedestrian security will be applied, as well community security monitoring and municipal manhole monitoring, special consideration will be implemented to ensure that elderly and handicapped have no hindrance in their way.

Charging piles for electric mode of transport will be found nearby wherever you are within Badyã. It will also be equipped with dynamic parking to minimize any type of congestion, and have e-bikes readily available to promote a different kind of pedal. Driver-less vehicles will also be made possible to rent for trips around our self-sufficient community.

Services such as cognitive concierge and virtual personal assistant to better serve residents as per their tastes and preferences.

Badyã will provide residents with interactive neighborhood solutions and Badyã Pay will elevate the existing security measures in place by establishing a cashless society.

As the first city in MENA to be in full accordance with the UN sustainability Goals, Badya is sprawling 3,000 acres of nature that.

95% of the residents are two minutes away from green parks and water elements. Neighborhoods are inter-weaved with pathways for walking and cycling.

99% of the population will reside a three minutes from neighborhood squares, which are communal gardens along the way.

Central Plazas promote less motorized transport, and will highlight the center of each residential block along with interlocked with scenic bike lanes and footpaths to many others.

Badyã will include activities such as cycling, jogging, tennis, swimming, skate-boarding, BMX-ing, horse-riding, footballing, playing basketball, squash and pool.

Specialized vegetation will provide crisp air corridors outdoors and enable a year around ventilation coupled with patches of shad.

40% renewable energy powering the city, that will reduce the cost of electrical bills.

Payment Plan: 1.5M EGP. 2.5% down payments, 12 Years,

About Mountain View

Mountain View is a leading Egyptian private property development company, specializing in prestigious residential and resort communities in the country’s prime destinations.
The company’s clients are local & international property buyers who demand quality, privileged lifestyles, privacy, security and exceptional investment returns. From choosing the best locations, commissioning innovative architects and interior designers, and using reliable contractors and consultants, we are able to provide value and a community to be proud to belong to.

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Public Facilities

Club House: Yes

Swimming Pools: Yes

Spa & Gym: Yes

Sports Facilities: Yes

Business Center: Yes

International Schools: Yes

Lakes: Yes

Security system: Yes

Community Service: Yes



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